Monday, June 3, 2013


Pursuing experiences to feel in "awe" is quite beneficial to your perception of time. Experiences of awe or amazement lengthen our perception of time. While we are in awe, our mental structures in our brain are rearranging to accommodate for this new learning/understanding of the world. This process is perceived as timeless.

Experiences of awe come mainly from nature, or from learning things that we never knew that maybe surprised us. It has been shown that experiences of "awe" give us the perception that we have time, instead of feeling stressed out and out of time. Consequently, with more time, we are more inclined to help others, value experiences over materials, and make better decisions. 

Keep yourself in "awe" by doing new things, experiencing new experiences, not making assumptions about things, and by having the mind of a beginner. By having a mind of a beginner, you will see every instance in your life as a learning opportunity.

Appreciate the world around you.

Look at things upside down every once in a while!

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