Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Don't get stuck in the illusions of your own mind.

Remember that human beings are not perfect, you could say that we are perfect because we are imperfect!! Out imperfections make us human. If we were "perfect," we would not be humans.

Embrace every mistake as a learning opportunity. Mistakes and imperfections allow us to recognize subtle beauties of the world. Don't look at mistakes as bad things. Turn them around yourself.

Also, do not think that your way of thinking is the best. Everyone thinks differently because everyone has something unique to share with the world. Each of us are different, which means that each of us think differently. Once we realize this and accept each other, we learn tolerance and we are able to see the world from different perspectives. Different perspectives keeps us in awe of the world. Be in awe of the people around you. Bring out your beauty so that others bring our there's too.

Lastly, love is the answer. But remember that love comes in many different forms. Love is not perfect. Love is about being caring, compassionate, trusting, and loyal. But love is also about persevering through the hard times, and putting up with the negative side of people. Love is not giving up. Love is not just good or bad. It is both. You get through the bad and enjoy the good. Struggling together makes love deeper. Remember that the quest to spread love is not just about the happiness, it's about not giving up during the hard times. Happiness is a benefit of love, but it is not the meaning of love.

Continue to spread love, and don't fall into illusions of love.

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