Monday, June 3, 2013


STJDMS= Some Things Just Don't Make Sense

In 2010, I realized that no one could explain everything, and that honestly, some things just don't make sense in this world. Interactions. People. Change. Sometimes things happen for no reason at all, but I learned that we all have to accept that. We have to accept that things will happen in life that we have no idea were coming. I adopted this view, and I have taken steps to prepare myself for the things that won't make sense to me one day. I have accepted that the world is as it is, and things will happen as they should. I have the ability to make good things happen, and I will be strong enough to face the bad things. This blog is dedicated to my brother because as his sister, it is my job to teach him. To teach him about the beauty of life, and show him that even though there is nonsense in this world, sometimes the nonsense can teach us things that we would not have learned without it. Love you Jason.

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