Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Biology of Belief

I remember the day when my doctor looked at me and said that the reason I was sick was because I thought of myself as a sick person. I had to start thinking positive and tell myself that I was healthy if I wanted to be a healthy person again.

This moment turned my perspective of life around.

It's unfortunate that I did not learn the value of my health until after it was taken from me.

But now, I have embraced it, and I have been teaching myself that I am not weak. I am actually strong. I have not been seriously sick for over a year. It amazes me.

Take every day as they come.


Bruce Lipton's book called Biology of Belief goes into detail about how the power of the mind can shape the body. If you want to be strong, be mentally strong. Then you will be physically strong.

To get back in shape after I had this moment, I began to take yoga. It taught me how to trust my mind and my body. Yoga was a changing experience, but so was my instructor. Toni Mar. I have known her for 4 years now. She is the strongest woman I know. She has taught me how to confront my mind and through a way that I would of never thought-- physical exercise.

Toni teaches not only the philosophy of the mind, but the physiology of the body as a result. Taking her core and yoga classes has given me the power to not give up-- through any mental or physical challenge. She taught me by challenging the body through physical exercise in turn challenges our minds. If we refuse to give into the discomfort of our bodies during an exercise, we teach our mind how to deal with problems we face in the real world, instead of giving up.

Exercise not only challenges our bodies, but it keeps our minds and bodies healthy. Being healthy helps to keep us positive, efficient, and proactive in our daily lives. If we are all of this, then we can love and do good in this world.

Treat your body right. By treating yourself right, you will treat others right.

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