Monday, June 3, 2013



The most important thing you can teach yourself to do, is to breath.

Breathing is important because it gives nutrients to our bodies. It connects us to the outside world. It brings oxygen into the bloodstream to deliver to our organs so that our bodies can function. Breathing also releases waste products and toxins from our body. By breathing deeply, we become calm. By focusing on the breath, we become present and aware. Breathing keeps us alive and stabilizes our bodies. This is also why before we do something nerve racking, it is good to take a deep breath.

Teach yourself to breathe deeper. If you breathe deeper, your body will be more efficient, you will be more calm, and you will have more control over yourself.

The breath is also good for when you feel pain, physical or mental. Close your eyes, and breathe into any part off your body that has pain. Focus your energy on the pain because then more oxygen will be sent there, and then the pain will not feel so uncomfortable anymore. You will learn to embrace the pain, and not give up or give into it. Pain is how the body and the mind learns. If it is not embraced and dealt with, we will miss opportunities to learn.

Breathe and let the frustrations pass, for not all moments will be peaceful. 

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